I took part in the Staffordshire University Graduate games Accelerator Project Internship with the inhouse studio Bulldog Studio's, My role in the team was a game designer where I utilized hard skills acquired during my studies, such as crafting detailed game design documentation and navigating Unreal Engine alongside blueprints with visual scripting to help with implementing the audio. I found that soft skills, particularly communication and teamwork, were honestly the biggest ones needed during this project, as it was mostly working remotely, and required for the entire team to be on the same page and the project ran smoothly​​​​​​​ while we didn’t fully finalize the game by the end we came out with a great prototype which should indicate our vision of the project!
The Astro Csaba is a game where a group of space pirates raid an organic space ship full of artifacts with the intent of stealing as much valuable but dangerous loot as possible, all in a span of 30 minutes and The game is played in a first person perspective in a 3d environment. A group of 10 players has 30 minutes to find and deposit has much money's worth of loot as possible. The loot will vary greatly and can be dangerous to handle or may have interesting properties to keep in mind when transporting or finding.   
If all players work together then the money will be split evenly between the 10 players at the end of the game. Players will have the option to kill and steal their teammates money. Any player who has died will drop a ID card, when collected you'll gain their share of the money.​​​​​​​
Below is a brief gameplay video of The Astro Csaba while not a finalized product it shows the vision of what the team aimed for.

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